About me

My interests

I tend towards the integrative view of systems safety engineering rather than a reductionist one. So I’m very interested in general systems theory, uncertainty, epistemology and ontology, what these can tell us about how to build dependable systems, and whether they are in fact safe. Which is why I guess I like to write on these sort of subjects.

A quick professional biography

My professional life includes a seagoing naval career, managing safety programs for Defence projects in both customer and contractor roles, time spent as a consultant providing professional advice on safety, human factors and a stint in the rail industry, doing technical governance. Australia being a small country you need to be a generalist here to thrive, so I’ve worked with people, trains, planes, ships, and missiles. No automobiles or satellites, yet.

Current interests and activities

I’ve just achieved chartered professional engineer with the Engineers Australia, though I am slightly reminded of Groucho Marx’s remark on the subject of clubs and associations. And I’m back to teaching system safety, this time at the UNSW@Canberra.

I’ll give the usual disclaimer that all my opinions are my own and not those of my current or past employers. For which they may well be grateful. :)