Why Kevin Rudd Is a Big Fat Idiot


Way off topic for this blog but I watched the ABC’s 7:30 current affair report on thursday in which Kevin, our illustrious prime minister, was put on the spot about why he has publically supported Australia having a population of 35 million people.

His response? Well basically it was, “it’s bigger than both of us baby so just lie back and enjoy it”.

Of course this conventiently ignores the fact that a major driver of population growth is immigration, which (last time I checked) is still a Commonwealth government responsibility.

Nice weasely back pedalling K.

The fundamental question left unanswered, avoided by repeated and exasperating self-congratulatory back slapping about the Murray/Darling authority, is what is the carrying capacity of Australia? How many people can we support and at what standard of living?

So class let’s think about consequences shall we? Let’s add unmitigated climate change, 200 years of environmental degradation and 10+ million more people and see what we get.

Like most small ‘l’ liberals K understands intellectually that water flows down hill, but god forbid it should ever get to the bottom! There’s another term to describe folk who think like this and it’s ‘idiot’.

Undoubtedly, like the viking settlers of Greenland, we can continue in our traditional ways in the face of an increasingly hostile environment but the results will likely be just as disastrous for us as it was for them.

There is nothing inevitable about our continued prosperity on the dryest continent short of Antarctica.