Interim Fukushima Report Released by UK


Fukushima NPP March 17. Showing heavy damage to No. 3 reactor building caused by the reactor hydrogen explosion. (Image Source: TEPCO)

UK Nuclear Inspectors Interim Lessons from Fukushima Report Released

For those interested the interim report by Mike Weightman, the UK’s Inspector of Nuclear Installations, on lessons from Fukushima has been released.

Kind of predictably he’s not calling for the shutdown of the UK nuclear industry, but there are some useful, if obvious, lessons from Fukushima that have been drawn. 

After a very quick review it also appears to be focused on reassuring the public of the competence of the existing safety assessments for UK NPP. Given the flaws that the 1999 Blayais flooding exposed in French nuclear industry flood hazard assessments perhaps that might be a tad premature.