Return of DEF STAN 00-55



The DEF STAN 00-55 monster is back!!

That’s right, moves are afoot to reboot the cancelled UK MOD standard for software safety, DEF STAN 00-55. See the UK SCSC’s Event Diary for an opportunity to meet and greet the writers. They’ll have the standard up for an initial look on-line sometime in July as we well, so stay posted.

I always thought it was a shame that the original 00-55 standard got canned, there were some novel features, and it would have been interesting to see how they evolved in subsequent releases of the standard. Especially as, at the time, it was the only standard that integrated software safety with a higher level system safety standard, i.e DEF STAN 00-56. Of course after the Chinook FADEC software certification debacle the UK DoD pretty much gave up the pretense of having an independent software safety standard and the next iteration of DEF STAN 00-56 became much less prescriptive and far more ‘performance’ oriented, almost warm and cuddly in fact.

I guess the great Mandela wheel is once again turning in DSTAN circles, perhaps they’re less than happy with contractors proposing missile systems software assurance ala ISO 61508… 🙂