An open letter to AGL



Dear AGL,

I realise that you are not directly responsible for the repeal of the carbon tax by the current government, and I also realise that we the voting public need to man up and shoulder the responsibility for the government and their actions. I even appreciate that if you did wish to retain the carbon tax as a green surcharge, the current government would undoubtedly act to force your hand.

But really, I have to draw the line at your latest correspondence. Simply stamping the latest bill with “SAVINGS FROM REMOVING THE CARBON TAX” scarcely does the benefits of this legislative windfall justice. You have, I fear, entirely undersold the comprehensive social, moral and economic benefits that accrue through the return of this saving to your customers. I submit therefore for your corporate attention some alternatives slogans:

  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax…you’ll pay for it later”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax…buy a bigger air conditioner, you’ll need it”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax…we also have a unique coal seam investment opportunity”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax, invest in climate change!”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax, look up the word ‘venal’, yep that’s you”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax, because a bigger flatscreen TV is worth your children’s future”
  • “Savings from removing the carbon tax, disinvesting in the future”

So be brave and take advantage of this singular opportunity to fully invest your corporate reputation in the truly wonderful outcomes of this prescient and clear sighted decision by our federal government.

Yours respectfully


2 responses to An open letter to AGL


    Dear Matthew,

    Removing a carbon tax uneque to Australia does little either way to reduce carbon emisions.

    However embracing nucular power certantly would.

    Wind power in our predominately low vlocity wind enviorement does not help much.

    Hydro power would be a postive where suitable catchmnts can be found and pumped storacge can minimise water usage and provide peak power.

    The careful analysis of our enormus coal reserve in order to turn them in useful export income rather than burning them in the ground requires urgent attention.





    The human race is striving to win a group Darwin Award. Perhaps, thousands of years from now, alien archaeologists will stop by to award it to us, posthumously.