Sharks patrol these waters


Sharks (Image source: Darren Pateman)

Practical risk management, or why I love living in Australia

We’re into the ninth day of closed beaches here with two large great whites spotted ‘patrolling our shores’, whatever that means. Of course in Australia closed doesn’t actually mean the beaches are padlocked, not yet anyway. We just put a sign up and people can make their own minds up as to whether they wish to run the risk of being bitten. In my books a sensible approach to the issue, one that balances societal responsibility with personal freedom. I mean it’s not like they’re as dangerous as bicycles

As to the media? Well OrMG, ‘Sharknado’ would sum up the response… Once again all froth and frenzy, completely divorced from the actual attitude of the public. You kind of hate to point out that sharks swim these waters all the time, in fact our nearby Lake Macquarie is full of bull sharks* and hammerheads, and in the vast majority of cases they see you, and you never see them.

*The bull shark has been responsible for many more attacks than the great white. As an interesting historical aside the real life string of attacks that Steven Spielberg based Jaws on were most likely carried out by a bull shark.

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    He he. Enjoyed this read.



    “Please fill out your Darwin Award application and deposit it in the slot below, before entering the water. On behalf of the gene pool, thank you!”


      Matthew Squair 19/01/2015 at 2:04 pm

      You are assuming that the shark you can see is the only one you’ve got to worry about. As the risk of shark attack is still less than being struck by lightning by an order of magnitude I think I’ll take the risk 🙂