What happens when cyber security fails


More woes for OPM, and pause for thought for the proponents of centralized government data stores. If you build it they will come…and steal it.

3 responses to What happens when cyber security fails


    They build it like that so it can be stolen. Such a wonderful money go round the ‘Private Defense Contractor’ Business is. What with ‘Revolving Doors’, NGO’s, Think Tanks etc. one could be left feeling that it is no longer a country but merely an amalgam of Corporations. Government purely for the few. Illusions of choice and all that to boot. You pick some really daft issues to labour your musings Matthew.



    Building a digital Maginot Line won’t solve the problem. Bureaucracies retain data for far too long,and the cheaper retention gets, the less incentive they have to conduct even a simple age-based purge. If this stuff were ephemeral by design, and evaporated once the immediate need were met, it couldn’t be readily stolen, at least not in the tens of millions affected by the OPM raid.