Currently enjoying watching the ABS Census website burn to the ground. Ah schadenfreude, how sweet you are. 

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    Do you have a link? Some context would help.




        For technical perspective: A Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack is not “hacking.” Hacking a website means getting past the passwords to change the contents or function of the site or to extract protected information. The emails that reveal Hillary’s corruption are a salient example.

        A DOS attack uses OTHER web servers (which, usually, have been hacked) to overwhelm the targeted site. In this case, other hacked servers sent so many messages to the ABS site that they choked its connection to the Internet. The ABS site was not itself hacked.

        For perspective of scale: The Obama Administration used such lax security measures that Chinese hackers penetrated the United States Office of Personnel Management and downloaded the my dossier, which included intimate personal and identifying information on my wife, daughter, brother, sister, and parents. About 25 million such dossiers were included in that series of attacks. I estimate that one third of the American population’s personal, identifying information are now in the hands of hackers, scammers, and China’s spies. As a result of the Obama Administration’s negligence, the potential for social engineering (a hacker technique), fraud, and blackmail is astronomical.