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Fault trees


Here’s the fault tree module from my system safety course. A powerful, but in some ways dangerous, graphical technique. A tip o’ the hat to Pat Clements for a large chunk of the material.

Added in the system safety planning module of my system safety course to the freeware available on this site. As Eisenhower remarked it’s all about the planning. 🙂

Safety case notes


Update to the safety case module of my UNSW course. Just added a little bit more on how to structure a physical safety case report.

Just updated the course notes for safety cases and argument to include more on how to represent safety cases if you are not graphically inclined. All in preparation for the next system safety course in July 2016 at ADFA places still open folk! A tip o’ the hat to Chris Holloway whose work prompted the additional material. 🙂

Just finished updating the Functional Hazard Analysis course notes (to V1.2) to expand and clarify the section on complex interaction style functional failures. To my mind complex interactions are where accidents actually occur and where the guidance provided by various standards, see SAMS or ARP 4754, is also the weakest.

Event trees


I’ve just added the event trees module to the course notes.

System Safety Fundamentals Concept Cloud

System safety course, now with more case studies and software safety!

Have just added a couple of case studies and some course notes of software hazards and integrity partitioning, because hey I know you guys love that sort of stuff 🙂