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Fukuppy (Image source: Fukushima Industries)

An accidental mascot for an accident

Entirely by accident the above mascot for a Japanese fridge manufacturer has become the ‘unofficial’ mascot for the Daichii Fukushima site, after a few people noticed the inadvertently hilarious english name. Which all seems strangely appropriate, though a crack in the egg would have made it perfect… 🙂

My thanks to John Downer for the link.

For those interested the interim report by Mike Weightman, the UK’s Inspector of Nuclear Installations, on lessons from Fukushima has been released.

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Blayais Plant (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

What a near miss flooding incident at a French nuclear plant in 1999 and the Fukushima 2012 disaster can tell us about fault tolerance and designing for reactor safety

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Fukushima NPP March 17 (Image Source: AP)

There are few purely technical problems…

The Washington Post has discovered that concerns about the vulnerability of the Daiichi Fukushima plant to potential Tsunami events were brushed aside at a review of nuclear plant safety conducted in the aftermath of the Kobe earthquake. Yet at other plants the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (NISA) had directed the panel of engineers and geologists to consider tsunami events.

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