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Just added a modified version of the venerable subjective 882 hazard risk matrix to my useful stuff page in which I fix a few issues that have bugged me about that particular tool, see Risk and the Matrix for a fuller discussion of the problems with risk matrices. For those of you with a strong interest in such I’ve translated the matrix into cartesian coordinates, revised the risk zone and definitions to make the matrix ‘De Moivre theorem’ compliant (and a touch more conservative), added the AIAA’s combinatorial probability thresholds, introduced a calibration point.

Update. I subsequently revised the ALARP principle to reflect added the reasonably practicable principles to address the Australian legal concept of SFAIRP to the decision making criteria and adjusted the risk curves to reflect how non-ergodic (catastrophic) risks should be treated differently.

MIL-STD-882 Hazard Risk Matrix (Modified).