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Sharks (Image source: Darren Pateman)

Practical risk management, or why I love living in Australia

We’re into the ninth day of closed beaches here with two large great whites spotted ‘patrolling our shores’, whatever that means. Of course in Australia closed doesn’t actually mean the beaches are padlocked, not yet anyway. We just put a sign up and people can make their own minds up as to whether they wish to run the risk of being bitten. In my books a sensible approach to the issue, one that balances societal responsibility with personal freedom. I mean it’s not like they’re as dangerous as bicycles Continue Reading…

Easter Madness


Another Easter has come bringing with it the traditional Easter road toll and press hyperbole… But let’s strip away the rhetoric and think about the subject cooly and rationally. Are we really behaving worse at Easter than any other time of the year?

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