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System Safety Fundamentals Concept Cloud

Have just updated the safety case module for the system safety course I teach at UNSW. Have revised it to include John Rushby’s approach to determining the soundness and strength of a safety argument (I like his simplification and separation of concerns strategy). Enjoy!

In June of last year I gave a short three day course on system safety at UNSW@Canberra, and this year they’ve asked me back to run it again!

Anyone who wants a good understanding of the theory and practice of system safety and how to manage safety risk, as well as an overview of modern risk theory, would find the course of interest and, I hope, useful.

There’s currently planned two course dates. The first is the original three day form, for those of us who are time poor, while the second is five days. Dates are as follows:

  1. 16-18 Jun  – 3 day short course.
  2. 14-18 July – 5 day course.
Look forward to seeing you there. 🙂